Taylee and James (one of her possible future husbands) shooting the next Oreo cookie commercial.

Oh how I wish I had a point & shoot camera that took video's. They were being so cute. Taylee kept trying to kiss James -on demand, mostly- but he wasn't into it. Which was really funny since last time we saw them, James got confused and licked her face. They're both just so cute!

The Richardson's have finally gotten their wish to leave Utah. We wish them the best of luck with the new job, new state and all the other new wonders coming their way. Thanks for being such great friends!

Where have I been…


Home, Doing a lot of this….

Asking myself – Tornado or Toddler?

check out the look on her face...
(you may have to enlarge the pic to see it)
To me it says: "You gotta problem with this?"