These are a few of our favorite things!


Say what you want about Utah...I think it is one of the most beautiful states!

The last couple sundays we've packed up the grill and headed to the mountains. We set up camp in a little place called "Ledgemere" .

I guess that rushing near by creek is pretty soothing to some!

It's nice that we can "get a way from it all" without having
to drive too far away from home!

Time...Where does it go?


I am the worst blogger on the planet. My life has been so crazy these days. I don't know how any woman can survive this working mom thing, I have shed so many tears. Taylee is now almost 4 months old...I know. Those 3 months I was home with her went by so fast. I've been back to work for 2 weeks (really only 9 days) and it has felt like eternity. AAAHHHH!

We really lived up the last few weeks of maternity leave. I have 3 biological brothers, (and 5 step & half bro's-that's why I specify), Jason (32), Brian (29),and then Kyle (23)...and our birthdays go in that order too. Starting June 18th-Jason, June 21-Brian, June 28-Me, and July 8-Kyle. This year we spent our birthdays swimming in the back yard of my brothers house (well watching the kids swim,anyway-nobody is seeing me in a suit for a VERY long time!).

That's right every week for 4 weeks, good quality family time.

Have you heard of Lavender Days? It was pretty cool. On June 27th we went to Mona, Utah (about 20 min south of Provo) to celebrate Lavender! Exciting?! You may think not...but they had a fun little fair there.
Complete with Robbers and Ropin' Lessons...

Faries for the girlies,

a Knighting for the boys,

and we ended with Jousting,
not quite as exciting as "A Knights Tale" - but
a neat experience non the less...HIZAH!

Taylee is truely a princess...she won the heart of a Knight!

Well...we had a blast and I think that's a long enough post for now!