What to expect…


I really am sorry that our blog has been neglected lately, we've been busy. I know some of you may think, "Nice excuse!" And maybe that's all it is…hahaha!

Taylee really loves the snow. These are the only pictures we took over Thanksgiving weekend…


She has Grandma wrapped around her finger and was able to talk her into lots of sled rides! Which was nice because I don't have snow boots and didn't last long.


Today daddy went out to shovel the snow (or the 'ss…sss…NO' as T calls it) and she threw a fit until he agreed to wrap her up and take her out with him.

I went out a few minutes later to find that they were making our Snowman Family. And because I have such a creative hubs we have some news to share…what do you think it is?

We are expecting baby #2. Lars tried to make mommy snowman pregnant, but she just looked extra fat! (If you've been preg before you know this is NOT how you want to look but is definately how you feel)
Taylee loves her baby. Although she has no idea how a baby will change her world for now. I love these last two pictures...I just can't get enough of my sweet little T bug!

She's hugging her snowman and kissing her baby snowman. It was really funny when I told her we needed to go give her snowman a nose, she grabbed her nose and said: "My nose!" in a really sad voice. But was so excited when I showed her that carrots were noses for snowmen and choclate chips were eyes! She consumed a lot more of each than were used for the facial features!


We hope you're all feeling the wonderful Christmas Spirit so far...

Remember the Reason for the Season