Random happenings from March


We have been enjoying everything from family and friends, to the warm spring like weather (not so much the current snowy day, though –Yuck!) So I thought I would just post a few fun pic's we captured…Hope you enjoy!

" Say What? "

Taylee's first trip to the pool...

...and she Loved it!

Cookie decorating at the Jackson's

(Taylee also loves cookies, sweet tooth!)

Taylee stole Daddy's wendy's cup...good thing the soda was gone! I just love this picture, so I had to post it!!

We've been loving the warm weather and have made severel trips to the zoo...

Taylee loves water. From bathtubs, and swimming pools...
to Drinking fountains.

I'm a big girl now.
NO more baby food - I won't eat it!

And finally...Here's Tay Surfin in the USA.

11 months (…plus…)

Sorry I'm a little late on posting this month. Taylee has been keeping us very busy (as usual)!

She continues to show us more of her personality, and is still such a tease.

Here are a few of our favorite things (this month) …

  • CLIMBING – So this isn't really one of my favorite things, but it is fun to see Taylee's new trick! She climbs in the bathtub, on the toilet, couch and anything else she can get her tiny little legs onto!
  • BABBLING – She is making so many more sounds. She really studies the way you move your mouth while you talk. She has mastered the growl so well, that that's what every animal says in Taylee's world.
  • DANCING – Although this concept isn't new, she has added a new feature: Her arms. They now sway back and forth in front of her grooving body, or she does the 'cabbage patch' as it was known in the good ol' 80's!
  • RECOGNITION – She is showing us that the words that are coming out of our mouth are for a purpose…She knows several things by name now, such as: mouth, hands (wash your hands/mouth), nose, hair, ears, toys, good-night…and others. We're noticing that she's really discovering the world.
  • KISSES – By far my favorite thing! She is so loving. She will come over to us and give us kisses, as if to let us know she loves us. She blows kisses like crazy, too. And the best part…they're not the usual open mouth, super slobbery baby kisses!
  • SUPER READER – Taylee loves to read. She pulls all the books off the shelf (mom & dad's too) and will open most of them and giggle and blab on and on. She even growls at/with the ones that have animals in them!

We're so proud of you Tay-bug. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

To all our readers…look forward to our next post ~ Fun to Be ONE! (I don't know about you, but I'm baffled a year has gone by already!)

She REALLY wants to take a bath!


As I've mentioned before, Taylee LOVES taking baths. I guess I wasn't getting her in fast enough and she figured out how to get in herself… (Did it matter that she was fully clothed? Not to her)

Having fun with Cousins…


We've been having some fun adventures with our cousins. Taylee really looks up to her cousins and enjoys their company, too! She is a little bossy, but none of them seem to mind-they let her get away with a lot. Nix tries to hold her own but eventually she gives in too!