Happiest of Birthdays


My birthday was yesterday...thank you again for all the birthday wishes people!

I've had some very wonderful birthdays over the years, but I can say this was truely my favorite so far.

The day before my birthday me and my beautiful baby girls headed off to Costco to get my choice of birthday treat: Cheesecake! mmmmm!
As we walked past the fresh flower display Taylee, in all her sweetness, asked if she could buy me some flowers for my birthday. I excitedly agreed and told her to choose any flowers she wanted to.
She chose some beautiful pink gerber daisies. {I happen to love gerber daisies, too}
Now for the best part...
She wanted to get them out of the bucket which was just out of her reach so I lifted her up to get them. As her feet toched the floor, she turned to me singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her longs right there in Costco while handing me these flowers!

Needless to say my heart grew 3 sizes that day.
It is moments like these that really make being a mom the best! (and make up for all the awful moments of fighting and whining and nastiness)

Oh, and my birthday got better. I spent time with those I love. Thank you for making my day full of celebration.