Family...Isn't it about time?


Five generations (of mothers)...

Can you believe Taylee was able to meet her Great,Great-Grandmother!

I am so blessed to have my Great-Grandmother. She is a brilliant, loving woman. My favorite is being able to hear her recollection of the last centry (well almost anyway). She can still recall her children, grandchildren, great & great,great-grandchildren's names with ease, and most of our birthdays! I'm hoping my mind will stay as sharp as hers.
Thank you for allowing us this opportunity Grandma! We love you!

I did it!


I gave into the craving ~ I am now a stay at home mommy! I am glad that things worked out for me to be able to stay home with my lil' bug. I still go into the Park City store on Tuesdays (Life I'm not Always talking "baby". Thanks to Janean for keeping this mom sane!)-again, I'm glad things worked out that way.