Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. My life has been busy and boring at the same time.

We are just
loving our very busy baby…who is walking?!? Should I call it? She's standing and stepping more often than crawling. No…I'm not ready-another day!? She really is the highlight of every day. My new favorite thing she does is her teasing smile and laugh. She scrunches up her nose, shows off her teeth (all 8 of them), and blows in & out of her nose loudly. It's quite cute, and I love it. What I'm not loving , is how babies know how to wine??? I don't get it-we didn't teach her that, and yet it's been a journey trying to teach her not to.

Nine Months


I can't believe Taylee's already been here for 9 months. This is my favorite age for babies. It has been so much fun watching my little sponge at work. Every day is a new adventure as she grasps new concepts…

Here are some of my favorite things she's doing

  • DANCING –This is by far the cutest thing I've ever seen. She starts by shaking her head back and forth, in a 'no' fashion. Then when she really starts feeling the music she adds a little bounce.
  • PLAYING the PIANO –You all saw the Thanksgiving post where she was playing with Grandma…well for Christmas she got her very own baby grand from Grandma and she is possessive. The instant someone starts tapping away on the keys she is there and you either move it or lose it.
  • WALKING –She is trying so hard! It is so cute to watch even though I am NOT ready for it! She has taken as much as 10 steps on her own.
  • FEEDING HERSELF –She's not as excited for that mushy, gushy spooned food. She would much rather eat what is on our plate. Her little pinchers are very talented! (Which is another thing she's good at: Pinching! Ouch!)
  • LOVES and KISSES –She is the sweetest thing. She is so loving, and not just when she's tired or hurt.
  • BLOWING KISSES –She's still doing this with a little help from Mom & Dad, but she gets so excited about it. She'll do it over and over and over. She even makes the kissy sound with her lips!
  • SINGING –Again…she gets this from Grandma. She sings in the car, the bathtub, the highchair (which makes it hard to eat), and in the crib ~ She puts herself to sleep and wakes up singing. So sweet.
  • WAVING –She has been doing this for awhile, but she is really good at doing it on command. No matter how hard she is trying to be shy.
  • SHADOW –She loves to copy little people. Last night my nephew was putting his head on the ground & kicking his feet up in the air (like a donkey). Taylee couldn't kick her feet but she would put her head down and giggle.
  • 'SO BIG' –Mom & Dad will say: 'How big is Taylee?' Then she'll raise her arms while we say: 'So big!'

There are so many more milestones she's reached but I don't want to lose you…She loves to play games and tease her daddy. She loves encouragement-if we laugh at or praise her for something she's done she'll keep doing it until we distract her.

We're working on sign language, but she likes to hear her own voice and would rather 'tell' us what she wants then show us J

Happy 2009!


We wish you all the very best in the New Year!