I have the best husband in the whole world. He is so handsome and fun to be with. We had a chance to go on a date without our bundle of joy in tow. It was fun and weird all at the same time. As if we didn't miss Taylee just cause we were away from her, we got sat next to a table with twins-who were being so cute. So our plan to concentrate on us with no conversation of our cutest baby was shot within a few minutes of listening to those babies…but we still had a great time. Lars was even willing to get a pedicure after dinner with me, but lucky for him the 'pedi technician' had to leave just before we got there.

I love the feel of his hand in mine and I'm thankful that we were sealed together forever! I'm thankful for a husband who works full time and when he gets home he is just as involved in taking care of Taylee and dinner or whatever else we have going on that night. I'm thankful for a husband who is so caring, loving, and accepting. For a husband who supports my wants and needs even though he doesn't always understand them. I'm thankful that you are my Valentine now and forever!

Filled with love

My sweet lil' Valentine is definitely loved by all who meet her. How can you resist such a beauty anyway?

Papa Bob surprised Taylee with a cute card that sings "You are my sunshine" and a HUGE sucker that she was definitely in love with.


And this was when we had to take it away to clean it off...

Spoiled princess!


My late Aunt Karen was a very special treasure in my childhood. She was an amazing example of love and friendship. She always saw the good in any person. She was always so much fun to be with. She would often take me to Wendy's for a tasty treat of fries and a frosty. I have many fond memories of her, but by far the most special one was our birthday cakes. Each year she asked each member of our family what we wanted for a cake. My favorite one is the Rainbow Bright cake she made me for my 6th birthday. Or was it the yellow Carebear cake I got for my 4th birthday along with the assortment of stuffed Carebear's?

This year for my nephew Aidan's 4th birthday he wanted a pirate birthday party. As I thought about what to get him for a present I reflected on the many wonderful cakes my Aunt Karen had made us…And this is what I came up with.

I hope I get better at making cakes because my other nephew's and niece's wonder why I didn't make them a cool cake for their birthdays! I guess I will try to live up to the legacy Karen left behind.

We miss Aunt Karen so much. I only wish that Lars and Taylee would have had a chance to meet her, someday.

Family Pictures


Thanks to Michelle Sallay we have some new fabulous wall hangings! Here's a few of the pictures I found on her website http://michellesallayphotography.blogspot.com/
I can't wait to see the rest!

We had a great time at Gardner Village while taking these. We really appreciate the time you spent with us Michelle and we love how these turned out! I'm glad you can't tell how ornery Nixi was in her pics :)

TEN months


Yet another month has passed so quickly and our little bug is hard at work. She has such a mild and loving personality, unless she wants something she can't have! But really she is such a joy to be around. I love her smile, it does wonders for the soul. A doctor we visited, while searching for solutions for Lars' back, told us that there was a study done that showed the same chemical reaction happens in a mother's brain when seeing the face of her smiling baby as in a druggy after shooting heroin. Crazy, huh!?! So Taylee is my drug of choice…hehehe.

Here are some highlights for this month…

  • WALKING –It is official, we have a walker. She walks all around the house, back and forth, and she is so proud of herself. She likes to hold our hand (just one) and walk around everywhere we go – especially if there are other little ones cruising about. She hardly ever crawls anymore, only when she is tired or on a slippery surface, and in a new place-until she warms up a little.
  • STANDING –We were ready for her to walk since she tried to for a few months, but we weren't ready to see her stand up in the middle of the floor. She'll crouch with her toosh right above her feet and then just stand right up. It's very cute but seems way too big.
  • COMMUNICATING –She understands a lot more of our phrases and words now. Her favorite I think is 'bath' –if we say that word we better be ready get her in. She's a good listener too. If we ask her 'don't touch', she won't…most of the time, she is still a very curious baby. Our favorite is still 'loves or kisses'. I just can't seem to get or give enough.
  • SIGNING –What a blessing this has been. She'll sign 'food', 'more', 'all done', 'night night' and I've seen her do 'Thank you' twice.
  • CLAPPING –This is so fun. She loves praise and attention, and we play 'Patty cake' A LOT now!
  • COPY CAT –Brushing hair, and teeth, talking on the phone, and drinking from a cup. I make some pretty silly noises that I never realized, until I hear them from Taters.

She is still very much a tease. We are trying to get her to say 'mama'. (I'm associated with the kiss sound…muahmuah.) She says 'dada' all the time-what a blow.

She is very photogenic. She sees a camera and smiles (a sign we have many pictures of her!)

She also is very sensitive to others feelings. If she hears a little person crying she cries until she can give them a love.

We love you Tay bug and look forward to every moment we have with you in the future. Please slow down though-we're having a hard time catching up with you.