We're so glad when daddy is home!


As much of a mommy's girl as Taylee is, she still really likes her daddy. If you ask her who her favorite is she usually says "Daddy is my favorite!"

We spent Sat visiting my Dad and Grandpa at the cabin. Taylee is really starting to love going up there, despite the drive.
She loves to ride the "fo-wedder" (four wheeler). She was telling us she needed a helmet so she could go SO fast, so we put one of her older cousins helmets on. She climbed on the fo-wedder, turned the key, started it, and luckily Daddy was right there, cause she gunned it!

The scariest part of that is, she can't wait until she's big enough to ride the motorcycle all by herself, YIKES!!

Sunday was kinda uneventful, I wasn't feeling good, but I had good intentions so I redeemed myself last night.
I made a yummy dinner: Phyllo wrapped Halibut with a lemon scallion sauce...Mmmmmm

(If you know me, this isn't my plate...hehehe. But Lars and Tay enjoyed their veggies!)

On Sunday we did go visit Farfar (Swedish for Fathers Father).
When we were in Sweden we saw this soccer jersey that said: Larsson #11.

We bought it, not having any kids yet, hoping that someday Lars' son could wear it!

Well...we know the story from there.

So Lars got it out and asked Taylee if she would be Daddy's lil boy for the day. She was playing it up, too. She kept saying she was a boy and then would giggle. Way to try to confuse her babe :) They had a lot of fun playing soccer. I wish I had a video camera with me though, it was the cutest thing hearing how hard Tay was laughing when Gator was playing soccer with her.

It was really important to me to choose a hubby that would be a great daddy! He really has exceeded my expectations! Tay absolutely adores him, and can't wait for him to come home!

He is the protector. He is calming, he is silly and he always makes sure that he has fun with them.

Like last night, even though his back was killing him and he was feeling really sick, he still climbed under our kitchen table cause it was Taylee's house and she wanted him to visit her.

It's so much fun watching them play house and babies, and soccer, or whatever Tay wants to play.

Thanks for being such a great example to me, you make me want to be a better mom. You are such a blessing and I couldn't imagine doing this without you. I love you babe! Happy Father's Day!

Campouts and Water fountains


We've been having so much fun enjoying our summer, now that it's finally here! Taylee has her cousins back from Arizona for a little visit and so far we've had a camp out and played in the fountains at the Gateway...Utah really does have a lot of fun activities that don't cost money!
anyone have some good idea's on what's out there for little or no money?
But it's true what they say: "Pictures are worth a thousand words", so I'll let them do the talking!

~She has such a sweet tooth. Definitely enjoyed her s'more, even if she couldn't figure out why we kept asking her if she liked her more.

As for the fountains, they were a little nervous at first. Tay thought she'd be totally content with watching all the other kids play. Then I had trouble convincing them we were done, of course!

...and baby Gator enjoyed her nap in the warmth of the summer day!