Really...It's been 5 weeks since my last post?


In the last 5 weeks I have:
~ Gotten hugely pregnant & haven't taken ONE picture

~ Had my couch painted with bright pink nail polish...Not that that was the intent. Taylee's entire hands were painted, her pants ruined, and again: NO picture. But she was so proud of herself! I was a little proud too.

~ Have watched my 21 month old try to potty train herself.

~ Sent my hubby back to school, making my life a little more lonely.

~ Spent A LOT of time away from my house for all types of reasons. Being a 'stay at home' mom has a little different meaning in my life :)

So again, sorry. I'll do my best at getting cute enough to take a pregnant picture for the requests I've gotten. And I'll try REALLY hard not to neglect my source of journaling (since that's all we've got).