My new favorite game


We have a climber! Taylee absolutely loves to climb the stairs ~ even if she can't get into any doors once she's reached the top. Now we hope she catches on to how to safely get down, for now she just waits on the landing until we go get her.

(Don't you love how she poses for the camera-it's getting very hard capturing those candid shots!)

I have a feeling this isn't the only thing she's going to try to climb…Can't Wait!!


It's beginning to look feel like Christmas. Yesterday we took Taylee to see Santa for the first time. The almost hour wait to see the 'real' Santa at South Towne Mall was definitely worth the memories in the years to come.

Here are a couple of the shots that were captured…

She wasn't sure what to think of this hairy stranger. (Not to mention it was way past nap time.) Nonetheless it was a pleasant experience. She is just so curious these days – it was hard to capture her attention long enough to get a smile, she was more interested in the many children and decorations around her. My favorite pic is of them looking at each other!

Lars and I were able to go to the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional tonight. The message was sweet and humble as each of the brethren recalled simpler Christmases. In today's world of hustle & bustle it was nice to be reminded of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have of the birth, life and mission of our Savior. I love this time of year. I love my Savior.

Merry Christmas!!!


Thanksgiving continued


Here are some photo’s that we took over the Thanksgiving weekend…
Taylee was able to play (meaning: fight for toys and attention) with my cousins baby who is 2 months older,

play the piano with Grandma,

visit with her Great, Great Grandma,

and go Christmas tree hunting

Happy Thanksgiving


I just wanted to say 'Thanks' to each of you. I obviously can't list the reasons why I'm thankful for the individuals that read this blog, but I can say that I have learned so much from each of you. My life is better having known you. Thank you for your support, kindness and friendship.

To my husband:
Thank you for always loving me. For accepting me for who I am and for helping me become who I want to be. I am more than thankful to have you in my life, for now and for all Eternity! I'm thankful for that October day we knelt together in the temple to seal our family.
Thank you for always being an example to me. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for supporting me. Most of all thank you for working so hard so that I can be home with our beautiful baby.
Thank you for being the worlds greatest Father. I am thankful for the realationship you have with Taylee, she is so lucky to have you. I am lucky to have you.
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife.

To my daughter:
Thank you for the joy you have brought, and continue to bring into our home and family. Thank you for being so dang cute-all of the time! Thank you for being a Mommy's girl (for now, I'm sure). I am so thankful for the many things you've taught recognize the important things in life, to wake up early, to enjoy every second of life - you've always been a busy body, to play even when the dishes aren't done and the floor needs vaccumed. Thank you for making sure your dad isn't the only tease in the house. Thank you for the smiles, the kisses and the cuddles. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!



I went to the midnight-well 12:30 showing of Twilight with the girls. Thanks for sacrificing your sleep for Edward ladies!!!
The fun started when we got together at Marli's for a little Twilight recap~trivia style. And like always we had fun chatting the time away. I was thankful I didn't have to spend the last few hours counting down by myself, I had enough anxiety/excitement about it all day!
As for the review...If you haven't seen the movie, and don't want it ruined-don't read anymore...
I absolutely loved it. For those of you who have read Ileah's blog, I agree with her when she said: "It was new". I went to the movie knowing that after reading a book it is always hard to see the movie. Hollywood has a tough act to follow-trying to fit everything into a few hours. I felt they could have made it a little longer...especially the baseball game. Oh baby! I loved the cast they chose. I think each character was played very well. I wasn't that thrilled with Edward when I saw pic's and trailors - I guess my image was different than Hollywood's, which is fine because everyone has their own taste in men, right?! But I have to admit - by the end of the film I was liking the choice. It was refreshing - I got excited about Twilight all over again (not that I ever lost it).
The ONLY thing that dissapointed me was the meadow scene, well the lack there of anyway. The reason she wrote the book-RUINED.
If you go to the flick with the mind set of forgetting the book, to a degree, I'm sure you will love it! I want to see it again, any takers?



Just wanted to make a quick post (before the computer gets packed up) to say that we will be out of commission for a short time. We are moving out of this hole to a cute little duplex in Bountiful. Can I just say rent is absolutely ridiculous! It has sky rocketed in the last year-this darn housing situation! We chose to go north because we can get a lot more for our money-and we're one of the few who remain in the Salt Lake area. I'm really excited to get back to my roots-I grew up in Davis County, although it will be frustrating having to navigate Lars around the city until he gets a sense of direction. We'll be really close to my daddy-which also may be frustrating most of the time as well. What do you do? The commute will be shorter for Lars, in theory-he hasn't tested it yet. We think it will be a great place-there are young couples and a few kids around Taylee's age (unlike our current ward of the nearly dead).

So we hope all is well with you and yours ~ We'll be back when we can!

Drum roll please


Uncle Jason is a drummer and Taylee is following quickly in his footsteps. She's always tapping out a beat on anything she touches, so the 'new' toy at Papa Bob's was sure a treat for her.

Baby's first Halloween


Halloween celebrations started this year on Saturday the 25th... we braved the crowd to do some trick-or-treating at Hogle Zoo, where half of Utah was. It was great to see the animals, with the cooler weather they are much more active. Here are a couple of my favorite pics we took that day:

After heading home to make some soup we headed out west for a party at the Pidcock's. We had a costume contest, some good eats, and decorated graham cracker haunted houses.

Congrats again to Mark and Ashlee!!! We can't wait to find out whether your bundle of joy is a girl or a boy…

Thursday we went to a Halloween carnival in Bountiful with our cousins. Taylee went 'fishing' for the first time and the boys were giving her all the secrets to success

There was a bounce house and I can't keep this photo for myself (check out the faces: Jayden is wondering what in the world got into his sister)

And finally...Trick-or-treating. It was late and raining when we finally walked around the culdesac for some treats, but it was definately cute. Taylee was tierd and therfore very cuddley-just how I love it! (Sorry I don't have any pictures yet)
We hope ya'll had a fun and safe holiday

The Best 4 Years…


Happy Anniversary! Lars and I were married 4 years ago. It was such a beautiful day. I always thought that I would cry if it rained or snowed on my wedding day, but boy was I wrong. I lived in Park City before we tied the knot, and I woke up early that morning to make sure I had all the time I needed to make myself as perfect as possible. I hardly noticed the weather outside while I was busy working on the details of hair/makeup…so when I walked outside to see that the world was dusted with white it honestly took my breath away. It was so beautiful. The sun was shining then and the rays glittered off the freshly fallen snow. That wasn't the last thing that took my breath away that day. Everything was so perfect. I was expecting something to go wrong but everything kept going just the way we wanted. Just before 'the toast' I went up to the brides room to get the goblets and they fell out of the box when I picked it up, and shattered. I started to cry…my sweet brother and mom got right on the phone and called around to get us another set. They found a BB&B that had one in stock and drove all the way out west to pick them up for us. The rest of the evening went just as smooth as the day and we found ourselves floating through the clouds. Lars was just as handsome and sweet as ever. My dad had a hard time giving me away - but couldn't be happier with the man that took me, and neither could I.

Lars, I want to thank you for the many wonderful memories you've helped create these past 4 years. You are the most loving, patient, and caring husband (and daddy) a girl could have. I am so thankful for the day you came into my life, and more thankful for each day since. You are so amazing, on so many levels. As cheesy as it sounds, you really do complete me. You are my 'Happily Ever After', my prince charming. Thank you for all of the love and support you've given and continue to give. Thank you for always being such a great example to me and those around you. Thank you for always accepting me for who I am. Thank you for helping me want to be a better version of myself, to continue striving for higher levels. Most of all, Thank you for being my partner, for now and all eternity. I love you. Always have, always will.



Wow! Once this baby of ours got the hang of things, it seems it just hasn't stopped. We thought the crawling thing would pacify her for a period of time, but this girl is too smart to be fooled by that. She now is enjoying pulling herself up on anything and everything that doesn't tip over in the process.

Yesterday Taylee and Mommy were playing the new game of 'Climb the Mommy' when Taylee started laying her head on my knees. I thought she was being cute and cuddly, but then she flung her head up quickly with a huge grin…and repeated. That's when I realized that my itsy bitsy baby figured out how to play Peek-A-Boo… which brings a tear to my eye for several reasons.

First - The feeling of joy I feel as Taylee shows her ever expanding personallity and talents; I can't help but maybe feel a glimps of how our Father in Heaven must feel as he watches us,HIS children learn and grow. Second - I can't help but fall more deeply in love with such a tiny little person, when six months ago I didn't even know exactly what she looked like. Finally - it's just that she is growing up so fast. I am afraid that the time we have to teach this very special spirit all the things that have been (and will continue to be) forgotten from her existence before now is so short, and then this cruel world is going to have its chance. I just want her to know how truly thankful I am for her. She has been the greatest blessing in my life…I love you sweet lil' bug of mine.

So sorry to get all mushy on you…back to the cute game we played, here are a few pics I was fortunate enough to catch. Taylee gets all hammed up when she sees the camera and it really distracts from the real reason I'm trying to take yet another picture of this beautiful gal. Not that I don't love her 2 teeth smile, I would just like to catch a candid moment here and there too.


These pics aren't great, but it is all I could get in a hurry. My camera beeps when you're focusing, so there again: distraction.

More pictures of the cutest baby on the planet :)


Accidental Family Photo

We went to Wheeler Farm on Wednesday to take some photos of our cute baby (which we'll post later) ~ But we ended up meeting a very nice lady who offered to take a photo of the three of us…she even edited it, and this is one of the finished products:

I think it turned out so cute - even with our 'So Serious' baby…no matter what we did that day there was no smile, well we did manage to catch a few I guess.

6 months…and counting


Happy half birthday to you…


Taylee ~ Thank you for all the joy you have brought into our lives. We love you so much!

Here are a few of our favorite things:

Your busy curiousity, the look on your face while you're concentrating on getting something, splashing during tubby time, your smile & your giggle, the way you "fly away" when you're excited that we've come into the room, your stories-oh how we wish we knew what you were saying-but we still enjoy all the new sounds…especially the lil' girgle, playing paddy cake and other gamesand watching you as you try to do all the actions,

We could go on and on and on…but it is just a FEW of our favorite things. We look forward to the many more adventures we have in store with you. ~ love, your parents!

Little Mover


Ok, now I'm in trouble. Taylee has been working on 'going' for a couple days. It went from kicking her knees while her face was planted in the nasty carpet of our humble abode…to head up and eyes locked on the newest victim of her curiousity in the 'army crawl'…then yesterday my lil' bug got on her hands and toes-not knees ,with toosh in the air and lunged for every toy in sight! I just can't keep up with her-never have been and I have a feeling she's not stopping now!



So I have realized that our blogspot has turned into "babyspot"....It's just that she is changing so fast, and has a lot more interesting stuff going on than any other member of our family. And lets be honest-most of you would rather be updated on her cuteness than anything I could imagine up for Lars or I.

I can't believe that I forgot to mention that Taylee got her two front teeth (on the bottom). I don't think she's figured it out...she keeps biting her fingers while chewing on her toys. I hope she finds out soon that I'm not the one doing it :( The look on her face makes me so sad.

Utah State Fair


This was Taylee's first year going to the fair. First we went through the animals to see the 1 mo old calf (we were a little late-the poor thing was all worn out,but we still had to take a pic)

She mostly enjoyed watching the variety of people visiting...

(your eyes do not decieve you-that baby does have a mullet)

She also enjoyed the carnival rides-going up,down,and around.

We had a blast going through the "Little Hands on the Farm" with our friends and cousins

Thanks everyone-we had a lot of fun hangin out!