Home Depot Days


Home Depot has a day a month where they put together a project packet for kiddies to come and build…for free
(as you may or may not know). So we went…and Tay absolutely LOVED it! She does this really cute thing when she hears a loud noise (even if she's the one making it) ~ She blinks every time the bang hits. It's just too funny to watch and so she thinks she's pretty funny, too.

So far the only thing that has made the bird house home was bees. No worries, Lars took care of them before they took care of us (I get more allergic to them every time I get stung)…but it's still cute that Daddy and Daughter built their first of many projects I'm sure!

Easter 2009


Sorry this post is a little late…we spread our Easter over two weekends instead of cramming all our family into one day. And we've been out enjoying the sunshine-nowhere near the computer! (Isn't it lovely?!) Taylee had a blast coloring, hunting and carrying her eggs. She loves to be busy and wears her parents out!
We hope you all had a great time with your loved ones!



I know, I can't believe it either. Taylee's 1st birthday was yesterday. She sure has a lot of people who love her. Thank you to all who came to show your love for our pretty little girl.

Some of my favorite things this month:

  • ANIMAL SOUNDS – This is getting to be so much fun! She rarely growls anymore…her new favorite is a dog; but not a barking dog, a panting dog –tongue sticking out included. She also will mimic a: gorilla, sheep, elephant, and lizard (tongue sticking out wiggling).
  • WAVE – Taylee is already practicing her 'Miss America' wave…She really knows everyone thinks that she is SO cute!
  • "MOMMY" – She is a natural nurturer. She holds her baby (or stuffed animals) and 'hums' to them while she rocks them.
  • A NEW WORD – She FINALLY says Mmmmmoommm! After many months of babbling dadada.
  • SIGNING – Her new signs this month include, but are not limited to: please, mom (another version of her blowing a kiss), ball…she also puts signs together like: more please. As if she's trying to be more specific in communicating.

It has been a month of maturing for our little bug. She has gotten so smart. She is really transitioning into being a toddler, which seems kinda soon-wasn't she just in my belly? As much as I'm going to miss her being my baby (yes I cried a little about this), I'm so excited for what this year will bring and all we have to look forward to learning from her!

Here are some pictures from her photo shoot (birthday/easter), and from her birthday party!