What to expect…


I really am sorry that our blog has been neglected lately, we've been busy. I know some of you may think, "Nice excuse!" And maybe that's all it is…hahaha!

Taylee really loves the snow. These are the only pictures we took over Thanksgiving weekend…


She has Grandma wrapped around her finger and was able to talk her into lots of sled rides! Which was nice because I don't have snow boots and didn't last long.


Today daddy went out to shovel the snow (or the 'ss…sss…NO' as T calls it) and she threw a fit until he agreed to wrap her up and take her out with him.

I went out a few minutes later to find that they were making our Snowman Family. And because I have such a creative hubs we have some news to share…what do you think it is?

We are expecting baby #2. Lars tried to make mommy snowman pregnant, but she just looked extra fat! (If you've been preg before you know this is NOT how you want to look but is definately how you feel)
Taylee loves her baby. Although she has no idea how a baby will change her world for now. I love these last two pictures...I just can't get enough of my sweet little T bug!

She's hugging her snowman and kissing her baby snowman. It was really funny when I told her we needed to go give her snowman a nose, she grabbed her nose and said: "My nose!" in a really sad voice. But was so excited when I showed her that carrots were noses for snowmen and choclate chips were eyes! She consumed a lot more of each than were used for the facial features!


We hope you're all feeling the wonderful Christmas Spirit so far...

Remember the Reason for the Season


Family Photo's


So I haven't had much time to post them on the blog, but my favorites are on facebook. So check them out if we're friends, if not just send me a request!

Tis the season for...Sickness


Tues night: up most of night with fever
Wed: feel fine most of morning
Wed night: fever, again! Go to urgent care-H1N1 test comes back negative
Thurs: feel fine most of day. Sure I was over the cold/flu whatever it was
Thurs night: who guessed it: Fever keeps me up all night
Fri night: finally getting treatment for the piggie flu.
Hopefully I'll feel better soon!
...And hopefully Lars and Tay have stronger immune systems then me!


So about a month ago I started working on Lars, for I had a special treat in mind for him this Halloween! Imagine green tights. That's right I hoped he would be Peter Pan!
I almost had him convinced....Unfortunately I failed at the last minute. But Taylee still very much enjoyed being Tinkerbell. I think she made a very cute one at that!

It was a lot of fun watching her as she quickly figured out what it took to get candy from strangers...what a bizarre holiday. Her cute little voice, "Trit or Treat".

We carved pumpkins last weekend. The first picture is her first encounter with the nasty insides of the 'pumpkie'. She said: "Eeewwww!"

But then it was down to business. She loved it!

(It's a headless horseman. Taylee LOVES horsies!)

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

Wow...It's been awhile


Sorry I've been neglecting the blogging world. I'll ry to find some time to post all the fun things we did with the rest of the summer soon :)

Some first’s continued…


T's next 'FIRST' experience was

Riding a HorseWell pony anyway

I wasn't really sure that how she'd feel about this so Lars was on camera duty and I was on 'cuddle' duty. While we were waiting in line she was super excited about the ponies. She was going from one person to the next to get that much closer, and kept trying to push the people in front of us out of her way. Then it was our turn…When we started walking up to Andy (her pony) she grabbed on really tight, but once I asked her what the horse said she started singing the 'William Tell Overture' and bouncing up and down (the whole time). She started feeling so comfortable that she even pushed me away for a second. By the end of her ride she didn't want to get off. She is so much fun, and I still think she's the cutest baby in the world!

A month of firsts from our growing girl



I know I said that this would be an upcoming post, as in awhile from today…{If you're lost on what I'm talking about scroll down, wouldn't want you to miss out on the adorable pictures below}

BUT, my sleeping beauty is still sleeping
SO I've got time, for now…

As much as I knew it would be a good idea to take T in for her FIRST HAIR CUT, I struggled a little.

I just love her curls and I was afraid if I cut them off I would never see them again. Boy was I wrong! It actually made it so the curls are much curlier! She was so adorable in her leopard print cover and pink car. She's such a girly girl UNTIL she's got a car ~ by car I mean anything with wheels, that can be pushed and makes the "GRUUM, GRUUM" sound. Despite her jerking and tugging on the wheel, she got a pretty good hair cut. AND it doesn't end up in as much of a tangley mess due to the car seat. But that could be contributed to the Detangling conditioner and extra sweaty summer head too!


Being 15 months old means "I CAN DO IT MYSELF" In our house. T is all about this rule she's made up. She does LIKE to:

  • FEED HERSELF – this is great for mom's hands during meal time, but after meal time it's a little more clean-up. She's getting better at using utensils, only dumping the contents once in awhile instead of every trip from plate to mouth.

  • CLEAN-UP – Believe it or not, she WILL clean-up most of her messes as long as we sing the 'clean-up clean-up everybody everywhere' song
  • CLIMB – how many of you have this scenario: Mom goes to bathroom, leaves 14 mo old baby in living room playing. Hears said 14 mo old getting quieter so hurries to wash hands and get back downstairs: ONLY to find her ON TOP of the Kitchen counter! She loves to climb, that's why we spend a lot of time at the park!
  • TALK – Taylee actually says a lot of words for her age. The average (and rare to hear, now): Mom and Dada, are being replaced with: There it is, Water (wata) – which she also says for Watermelon, and Names of some family members, and one of my favorite things to hear: sQUEEs when she gives you a Squeeze! And 'peas' – When she wants something, we've mostly got her trained to use her words, her word of choice is Please
  • PLAY with her IMAGINATION – She is so much fun to watch as she plays, whether it be with her baby, her kitchen – cooking up some wonderful feasts and feeding them to baby or mom, or anything she has in her hand: if she can make sound with it: it's dance time, if she can push it: it's a car' gruuming' by.
  • SHARE– HIGH FIVES and KNUCKLE BUMPS that is…If one person asks for a five or a bump EVERYONE in the room gets one! Probably the ONLY thing she likes to share these days!

One of my favorite things she does: NO MATTER what she's doing {throwing a fit, included} IF the Lagoon commercial – with song 'Sail away and spend a day' – comes on, she's up and DANCING with a HUGE smile on her face!

She really is a very GOOD, very SMART baby who is always keeping us busy and on our toes! We love you baby girl!

Wish List

While I was looking around in the blogging world I discovered this:

You can find them at blablakids.com:
{for some reason, I'm too uneducated, I can't get the link to show up...Anyone want to help me out?}

I REALLY want the LADYBUG backpack, and the MERMAID doll!?! If only...

What's been keeping us away from blogging?

I know most of you just want picture's so here you go...

4th of July...Tay loved everything about it (Except nap time)
She loved the parade:

And this is us watching the fireworks...She absolutely loved them

The ones that 'popped' scared her a little at first. Just for a moment, then she just danced to them!

at the Park (and swimming pool ~ pictures pending)

THEN...there was the week for a Family Reunion
Where she LOVED the bike ride

and eventually the tube ride...

She probably would've liked it more when we first put her out there, but she did fall asleep on the boat, and she did just get woken up and placed on a cold tube!

We also have had a month of more first's for Taylee...Coming Soon!

Celebrating Pioneers


I'm so thankful that the Pioneer's were faithful in following the Prophet to the west. I am thankful to live in a State were my values are respected and protected. Where we stand up for families, no matter the wrath from media or groups against the value and sacredness of a marriage/family.

I hope you fellow Utahn's had a great day off!
See Rob...there's lots of benifits of living in Utah! (even if you have every other Fri off)


Taylee and James (one of her possible future husbands) shooting the next Oreo cookie commercial.

Oh how I wish I had a point & shoot camera that took video's. They were being so cute. Taylee kept trying to kiss James -on demand, mostly- but he wasn't into it. Which was really funny since last time we saw them, James got confused and licked her face. They're both just so cute!

The Richardson's have finally gotten their wish to leave Utah. We wish them the best of luck with the new job, new state and all the other new wonders coming their way. Thanks for being such great friends!

Where have I been…


Home, Doing a lot of this….

Asking myself – Tornado or Toddler?

check out the look on her face...
(you may have to enlarge the pic to see it)
To me it says: "You gotta problem with this?"