30 and 5 months...


Hi. Sorry I've been horrible. I haven't had the computer much, and when I have - I haven't had the time...I know, I'm even horrible at excuses!

So here's my attempt to get you caught up in my life, but more importantly, in the life of my girls-the cutest, most precious things on the planet!


I'm a little behind, so I'll start now and work
my way back in another post...

5 Months

* Laugh - All it takes is T walking past her now a days. But she still loves big sounds, like a loud BOOM, or high pitched BOING...
* Roll - She's been able to do this for awhile, but now she's fast! She can really get around the room and into the things she shouldn't (like the library books, ya)
* Balancing Act - she can balance standing on Daddy's hand...following the tradition.
* Eat - she's getting the chewing thing down pretty good. She gets a little bit of whatever we're eating, momma bird style!
* Cause 'n Effect - She's learning this by playing games, such as: when you nibble her toes then stop, she'll lift her foot up to your mouth again.
* Clear a room - Sorry sweets, but ya got dog farts. Good thing those blue eyes melt your heart!

Working on:
* Scooting - She's just the cutest lil inch worm. She puts her rolly polly tootsy in the air then pushes off with those ity-bity toes...but still prefers rolling since it takes less effort for the desired outcome.
* Sitting Up - She's been getting better at this pretty quickly. She can sit without any help for almost a min or so, depending on how excited she gets.
* Pull ups - She's starting to use those abs. Trying to sit from a laying position, or pull her self up on the couch, etc.

She's developed a great relationship with Big Sis. It really is so much fun to watch them together. They really do love each other so much.


2 1/2 years (or 30 months!)

Now here is the whole package! She is beautiful, smart, charming, hilarious - just an all out perfect daughter.

* She is so smart. She's beginning to recognize some letters, including:
T A Y L E E,
O (which was the first),
and occasionally M and D.

* She's loving to learn the words she already knows in different languages (Spanish and French) thanks to her Daddy and Fancy Nancy. She will tell me:
Venga Aqui (Come Here)
Vamanos (Let's go)
Apurate (Hurry Up or something)
Basura (garbage)
Te Amo Mucho (Love you Much)
Pesa Me (Kiss me)
Bonjour (Hello)
Oui (Yes)

* She loves putting people together, as in: who's James' mom, or who's name is Eliza? (which is the name of a friend who's called 'Blueberry')

* She is always asking questions - which sometimes I don't even know the answer to.

* She loves to talk on the phone, when she's pretending. She has great conversations too. Mostly she calls her prince James!

* She has good memorization skills. She has her favorite books memorized, to the point that she'll recite the page and tell you "Ok, turn the page."

* She's always been fond of music, but today told me, "My favorite is church music, because it has meaning." Really, I have no idea where that came from. Her favorite non-church song is Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's 'Lucky'. She's always singing that!

* Drawing - She's been getting better at coloring. The other day we were at Lars' sister's house where they have a white board on the wall. Taylee drew this picture of her daddy by Lars just telling her what shapes to draw (circle, line...)

We really are so lucky to be the parents of these 2 girls!

Just celebrated his 29th birthday! He's so busy with school and work we don't have a lot of time together. But the time we get is special. He's so good at taking the time to be involved, and make us feel loved. We really appreciate all his hard work...even if it's hard on us.

As for me...I'm just trying to keep one step ahead, most days unsuccessfully. I still work once in awhile to keep my sanity. I'm enjoying finding new ways to have fun while not spending money (so if you have any ideas do share!)

Hope you enjoyed this long post...sorry! I've gotta have this stuff somewhere ;)