So about a month ago I started working on Lars, for I had a special treat in mind for him this Halloween! Imagine green tights. That's right I hoped he would be Peter Pan!
I almost had him convinced....Unfortunately I failed at the last minute. But Taylee still very much enjoyed being Tinkerbell. I think she made a very cute one at that!

It was a lot of fun watching her as she quickly figured out what it took to get candy from strangers...what a bizarre holiday. Her cute little voice, "Trit or Treat".

We carved pumpkins last weekend. The first picture is her first encounter with the nasty insides of the 'pumpkie'. She said: "Eeewwww!"

But then it was down to business. She loved it!

(It's a headless horseman. Taylee LOVES horsies!)

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

Wow...It's been awhile


Sorry I've been neglecting the blogging world. I'll ry to find some time to post all the fun things we did with the rest of the summer soon :)