Oh Really?


Do you ever have those nights when 3 am rolls around and you're still not asleep?
If you answered no, good for you.
If you answered yes, you may know how frustrated I'm feeling. I have no idea why my body, well mostly my mind, won't shut off. By now I've finished some sewing projects I had going for some baby gifts, I cleaned up a few things around the house, I looked around on fb, then I did a little blog stocking...everything I can think of to distract myself enough to wear down my body and still, I'm awake.
I don't know what it is about being a girl that makes you just start to doubt yourself, and flat out beat yourself up.
Why, at three freaking o'clock am I throwing a party for myself?
All I know is tomorrow is going to be dreadful...


Richardson said...

I do that all the time. Stay up way too late. But at leased you accomplish things. I usually end up watching a show or 2 on Hulu.com Reading is usually what gets me to fall asleep. If you are looking for a book to read everyone tells me the "Hunger Games" series is amazing if you haven't read them already. I friend said I could borrow her copies.
I know, i've been bad not posting pics of the house but it's because I really want to get it decorated cute before I post pics. Katelyn's room is my first project, then James, the ours.
And YES, Rob has lost about 20 lbs.
By the way, since we're driving I will have a car this time. So, I can come to your place hopefully.

Becca said...

Jen, no problem - go right ahead and copy. It is a great way to remember the funny and cute things your kids say. Thanks for asking. It was really nice of you! Hope you guys are doing well!