Little Mover


Ok, now I'm in trouble. Taylee has been working on 'going' for a couple days. It went from kicking her knees while her face was planted in the nasty carpet of our humble abode…to head up and eyes locked on the newest victim of her curiousity in the 'army crawl'…then yesterday my lil' bug got on her hands and toes-not knees ,with toosh in the air and lunged for every toy in sight! I just can't keep up with her-never have been and I have a feeling she's not stopping now!



So I have realized that our blogspot has turned into "babyspot"....It's just that she is changing so fast, and has a lot more interesting stuff going on than any other member of our family. And lets be honest-most of you would rather be updated on her cuteness than anything I could imagine up for Lars or I.

I can't believe that I forgot to mention that Taylee got her two front teeth (on the bottom). I don't think she's figured it out...she keeps biting her fingers while chewing on her toys. I hope she finds out soon that I'm not the one doing it :( The look on her face makes me so sad.

Utah State Fair


This was Taylee's first year going to the fair. First we went through the animals to see the 1 mo old calf (we were a little late-the poor thing was all worn out,but we still had to take a pic)

She mostly enjoyed watching the variety of people visiting...

(your eyes do not decieve you-that baby does have a mullet)

She also enjoyed the carnival rides-going up,down,and around.

We had a blast going through the "Little Hands on the Farm" with our friends and cousins

Thanks everyone-we had a lot of fun hangin out!

Baby got Bling!


We pierced Taylee's ears!
As we walked up to the counter of the ear piercing place, the lady said "You have a beautiful baby!"
We said, "Thanks" and kept looking at the earings.
Then the lady said, "No really, she is SUCH a beautiful baby. I pierce a lot of babies ears, and she is by far the most beautiful baby I've seen!"
Again we thanked her, and started filling out the paperwork. As I was filling in our info she says, "You should enter her into the cutest baby contest at Kiddie Kandids."
So like I said: I have the cutest baby on the planet! (I hope each parent thinks that of thier own child(s) by the way)


DURING (She started screaming before the piercer was anywhere near her ear- as soon as Lars confined her to keep her head still)...

AFTER... She cried a little and only for a few seconds. About a minute later-after forgetting the grudge she had on her parents-she was back to her smiling self,and as beautiful as ever!


FYI - I completed a few posts from previous if you're interested continue to scroll down....

Giving "Just Hanging Out" a new meaning...

So Tay didn't think much of her swing-until she figured out that she could sit sideways in it, that is.
As soon as she's buckled, she gets into position: head hanging off the side.

Elvis, Baby!

I just thought this picture was just too cute not to post it.

Have I told you how I have the most beautiful baby on the planet?!?

didn't she know i wanted a BABY!

I waited so long to finally have a baby...I know I was blessed with the most beautiful baby on the planet...what I mean is she is so stinking busy. She thinks she has to be so advanced. Her new thing is food. She wants whatever we have-not blended up, just straight off our plate. Do you blame her? It does look a lot more appetizing that way.
So tonight at dinner Daddy thought he would allow her to get what she wants...sort of. He held her hands back and she dove right in....

...seems to enjoy the strognoff.

Rogain for Babies????


So I am so sad to be posting this...Taylee was born with a ton of beautiful long dark, curly hair

At 2 months old, still has a lot of BeaUtiFUL hair...

And then...who knows what happened.

In about 2 weeks it migrated from her head to anywhere else :(
Good thing she's still beautiful, and has a good shaped head!