Our Brave lil' Monkey...


Tay has NO fear. (Something I'm hoping changes soon)
My little brothers orthodontist rents out Classic Skating once a year as an appreciation party for his paitents and thier family/friends. Being one who's not afraid to partake in free activities we went, and glad we did.
Taylee's first time riding a scooter and she got it down so fast. She was dancing as she drove around the skating rink, too cute to watch. No fear of the bigger kids driving all crazy.

She also had no fear of the bouncy toys either, she was not letting us anywhere near her. These slides were pretty fast too.

It's fun to watch her challenge herself in new adventures.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day!

We also love Sundays...and toes!


Tay is such a girly girl, which I'm quickly leaarning how to accomodate. You see, growing up with all brothers seems to have it's way of forming one into a tom boy. It was much easier to play in the dirt with the boys then convince them to clean up to play dolls with me!
So it's been kinda fun to have a little girl who is so into being a little girl. She loves dresses, so you can see why we love Sunday. I just had to take pictures yesterday because I thought I have such a beautiful family.

And I just love these tiny toes all painted pink! Isn't it cute that they had thier feet folded the same way - (no posing involved)

Tay loves the Library


Books have always been a favorite of Tay's but I never really thought to take her to library...until now.
A friend, Ashlee, gave me the idea to look at the library websites around the county to see the story time happenings for possible play date idea's. We were lucky enough to find the last couple before the summer programs start - a Royal Party and a Music time next week...
Taylee calls it a Princess Party, which is more like it. Not only did the princess tell them a story, she taught them how to dance like a princess and there were a few crafts as well.

Now what you all want to see: Pictures...

This is my favorite-she makes a perfect Cinderella! Don't you think.
She had to be Cinderella because she had Cinderella panties on, silly girl

Dancing with Blueberry

Listening to the story. She loved the huge book, too.

Crafting a princess hat with Grammy

(Don't you just love her face? Stinker...I asked for a Princess Smile!)

Tay's favorite part was the doggy, Baby sis even got to meet them!
Thanks Blue & Ash, we had a blast!

Sweet Somethings


Last night...way after bedtime, I was on the couch cuddling with my girls. Aly was starving and Tay was NOT going to go lay down in her bed until I could snuggle her for a min, so I decided that we'd just snuggle on the couch while I fed the gator.
I thought for sure Tay would just fall asleep being that it was 10:45 pm, but then the sweetest thing happened.
Tay snuggled right up behind her baby sis and started singing "I am a child of God" to her. I just sat there and listened as she sang the first verse and corus over and over (3 times)...with tears in my eyes of course!
I just love this time of my life and can't believe how fast it has already gone by, sigh. Thanks for teaching me so much sweet girls, these are the moments I live for!

Thanks for letting me share this, I never want to forget this moment. In fact I think this is one of those moments I'll think of when I can't stand them as teenagers!

Welcoming AlyGator


Baby Sis has been so much fun. I can't believe she's almost 3 weeks old, and I haven't even made a post about her yet.
She came a week early (due to the convenience of modern medicine) but still weighed 8 lbs 7 oz. She was 20 inches tall.

In 3 weeks Aly has begun to:
Interact - it's amazing to watch her study my face, to listen to her cue, to snuggle up to her.
Hold her head up and look around.
She's even tried to hold her body up, either be struggling to sit up while on her back or by pushing up with her hands while on her belly.

Having 2 girls has been pretty easy. Taylee has taken the adjustment well, she's such a good little mommy.
I had to take both girls to Aly's 2 wk appointment by myself. Knowing how sensitive Tay is to the happenings at the doctor, I prepared her before time of the pku test that would be taking place, to hopefully ease the trauma. But as soon as the nurse poked Baby Sis causing her to scream Tay asked "What's that Lady doing to Baby Sis?", then she goes on to chasen the poor nurse: "Stop it lady, you're hurting Baby Sis! Stop it Lady!"
It took a min to calm Tay down, when she realized the Lady was helping keep Baby Sis healthy she climbed on the table, curled up to her baby and began to soothe her by shushing and singing to her. It was definately one of the highlights of having children.

I'm so lucky to have these beautiful girls. I feel so blessed to be a mother, Thank you Lars, Taylee and Alyssa for making this possible. I hope all of you mothers had a fabulous Mother's Day!