9 months


* SMILE! Finally I got a picture of her smiling. Aly has always been so serious. I love it, but am glad I was finally able to capture this sweet toothy smile on camera.
* Furniture cruiser - She pulls her self up on the furniture and 'walks' along them
* Patty-Cake - she pats it, she rolls it and she throws it in the oven.
* Feeding herself - (speaking of cake) Ya for mom, I can finally get something done!
* Backup Singer - Big sister loves to sing, and Als loves to sing along
* Just Dance - wii love to dance at our house. We have a dance game for the wii. She gets the remote, points it at the TV, and shakes it. But really whenever/wherever there is music she grooves and it goes something like this: hears music, starts the belly bounce (or knee bounce-depending on the position) then the arms and hands start waving.
* Signs - she's come up with some great ways to communicate. When she wants you to come here she'll pat her belly or knees (as if we're her puppies). She will sign Night-night when tired, sometimes milk -but mostly food when hungry, more, and all done
* Kissy-kissy - she's been giving kisses for awhile, now she'll blow you kisses
* Copy-cat - this may be my favorite age because of this. Als is really learning how a lot of things work. Some of my recent favorite examples are: when I answered the phone she had a toy in her hand so she held it up to her ear and started 'talking'...and she likes to wash her hair (yes she fills up the cup and dumps it on her head), brushes her hair and teeth,, imitates her sisters play, or our laughs...
* and I must be her favorite, because I am...and really she says "Mama" a lot!

Working on
* Balance - it seems that she has more confidence than balance. I try not to encourage this too much. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to walk.
* Walking - OK I'll admit it...it's starting. My baby is working up some bravery. Letting go of the couch or other support system. Even trying to stand up while not being supported by anything. So ya, here's to hoping this lasts a little while.
* Talking - I know there is gonna be some time before this is mastered, but she really concentrates on the sounds we make