Yes, we're still here


I really wish I was good at blogging. Not just making posts, but making awesome posts. In reality, that is why I don't love posting on this thing. But I do love looking back and being able to read about stuff like this:

7 months

* Crawling - look out big sis, I'm coming to get you! It didn't take long to get this down, and once she did, she got fast.
* Sit up, Stand up - She can sit up or pull herself up anywhere, anytime. Even if that is in her crib at 2 a.m. But she gets stuck, can't wait until she learns to sit back down.
* Scream - Aly has been a pretty quiet baby, unless something is wrong. But now she thinks it's really funny to scream. Then Tay screams, and as you can guess, Aly screams...back and forth it goes.
* Kisses - she's pretty choosy about who gets em, and when. But my favorite part of this open mouth, slobbery kiss is when she says "Ooohhh" after!

Working on
* Her dance moves
* Trying to be as big as big Sis
* Sleeping through the night (fingers crossed!!!)